Our Concept

Prepaid Surgery makes expensive surgeries affordable with our prepaid program.

No longer is plastic surgery too expensive. Our payment plans make expensive surgeries affordable with significant discounts and a payment plan you control:

  • You decide the monthly payment amount and term.
  • You receive a 35% discount on the total cost of the surgery.
  • Your payments are automatically withdrawn from the account you specify on your application.
  • Your payments are contractually guaranteed, and you can cancel the agreement at anytime.
  • You can choose from a nationwide network of plastic surgeons, all Board Certified and/or eligible with the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS).

Step 1 – Select Surgery and Payment Options

Use our Surgeries link at the top of the page to learn more about the surgery you are considering. Once you have selected a surgery, you can use our Calculate Payments link to help you determine the monthly payment amount and time period you are comfortable with. A 10% professional fee is applied to the prepaid price of the surgery.

Step 2 – Complete Application

Once you are satisfied with your payment plan, you must complete a credit application with Prepaid Surgery. The processing fee is $40. Upon credit approval, a completed application, automatic bank account withdrawal agreement, and our contract of service will be mailed to you for your legal signature. The first automatic withdrawal will be made for a sum equal to the deposit and first month’s payment. A nonrefundable automatic withdrawal setup fee of $35 must accompany the withdrawal agreement. Subsequent agreed to payments will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account monthly for a calculated number of payments, according to the payment schedule agreement.

Step 3 – Schedule Free Consultation

Once an active account has been initiated with Prepaid Surgery, the potential patient is entitled to a free consultation with a participating board certified/eligible plastic surgeon in his/her area. If the choice of the procedure is different from the applicant’s selection based on the advice of the surgeon, an addendum of payment will be mailed to the patient as a legal binding agreement. All future automatic withdrawals will be made subject to the last addendum.

Patients may cancel, transfer geographically, or change the contract in accordance with the Rules and Restrictions.